March 9, 2017
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After making wine in Israel for the last four years, Covenant Israel—the Israeli branch of Covenant Winery in Berkeley, California—has launched an Israeli website. focuses on Covenant’s winemaking activities in Israel.

In 2011, Covenant’s California-based founders Jeff Morgan and Leslie Rudd visited Israel simply to look around. But Israel’s wine country reminded them of Napa Valley, where they produced Covenant Cabernet Sauvignon. Inspired by winemaking history from past millennia, Israel’s rapidly evolving contemporary wine culture and a desire to be physically connected to Israel, the two vintners teamed up with American-Israeli winemaker Ari Erle in 2013 to create the first vintage of Covenant Israel, producing 3 barrels (75 cases) of wine, a blend of Syrah and Cabernet Franc. By 2016, Covenant Israel expanded its production to 2,500 cases. Syrah is the flagship red varietal, and in 2015, a Syrah/Cabernet blend — BLUE C Adom — was produced. In 2016, Covenant Israel also produced a Viognier and a Rosé under the BLUE C label.

The new website—written in both Hebrew and English—introduces visitors to the Covenant Israel team as well as the wines. Also, look for updates on winery activities and links to Jeff’s monthly blog: Truth in Wine.




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