March 11, 2017
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Musical chairs amongst export managers in Israel. Ms. Dorit Ben-Simon has been appointed export manager for North America and China by the Golan Heights Winery. She will market the wines of the Golan, including their famous Yarden label, along with the wines of their subsidiary, Galil Mountain. Arnon Harel, previous marketing manager for the Golan Heights Winery, was appointed a few months ago as the new export manager of Carmel Winery, and their subsidiary Yatir Winery.

Ben-Simon is an experienced figure in wine. She was part of the training department of the Golan Heights Winery in the 1990's. She worked for Royal Wine Corp. in California in the early 2000's, and then later for Carmel Winery in the wine education department. She was appointed Carmel's export manager in 2013. She will now join the Golan's team working with Yael Gai, the experienced export manager for Europe and the rest of the world.

Arnon Harel, a resident of the Golan Heights and a veteran of the Golan Heights Winery,  worked for many years as their logistics manager, was promoted to be marketing manager but left a year ago. He started his new job with Carmel at the end of last year. wishes them both success and fulfillment in their new positions in marketing Israeli wines overseas

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