March 11, 2017
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Carmel Winery have relaunched their Sidrat Eizory – Appellation label with three red wines, one white and one rose. They will be joined by a sparkling wine in due course. The reds are basically the same as the previous label. There is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Shiraz. The semi dry white that existed before is now a Gewurztraminer and the Rose has been reintroduced after being discontinued a few years ago.

The new label shows animals matching the previous designs, but in a new gold fleck style on a black background. The winery has continued with the different names for the local and export market being included on the same label. The wines come from two regions, the Upper Galiliee and the Judean Hills.

This particular label was first introduced in 2003 with wines from the 2001 vintage. It was then the second label of Carmel after their Single Vineyard label, primarily sold in restaurants and wine shops. Now it is Carmel's premium label in supermarkets, and the wines will cost between 45 to 60 shekels.

Carmel Winery's is Israel's historic winery. The CEO is Erez Paz and winemaker is Lior Lacser. Their main winery is at Zichron Ya'acov. They have a new bottling plant in Alon Tabor and new offices in Shoham. The main brands are Single Vineyards and Vineyards in the restaurant and wine shop market, and Sidrat Eizory- Appellation, Private Collection and Selected in the mass market. The flagship wine is Limited Edition. Carmel Tirosh and King David are their brands in the grape juice and sacramental wine markets. Carmel also own Yatir Winery.

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