April 7, 2017
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The Israel Export Institute, (full name: The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute), recently hosted a fascinating panel discussion on the export of Israeli wine and beer.

The distinguished members of the panel were Noam Yacoby, CEO of Recanati Winery, Roy Yitzaki, owner & CEO of Tulip Winery, Ori Sagi, owner of Alexander Brewery and Vered Ben-Sa’adon, owner of Tura Winery. The panel was hosted and moderated by Daphna Sternfeld, the Deputy Director General and Head of the Consumer Goods Division of the IEICI, which includes the wine, beer and spirits sector.

Amongst the highlights, Yacoby and Sagi gave details of the successes of Israeli wine and beer in international markets, mentioning the Wine Spectator cover story and the medals received in major competitions, respectively. Yitzaki explained how his wines are marketed in quality restaurants in the USA, outside the kosher bubble. He also shared the findings of a recent study of the Chinese market. Ben-Sa’adon gave a rallying call to women not only in the man dominated wine trade and but also in the religious Jewish wine world, which received the biggest applause of the evening.

Overall it was an interesting, informative and inspiring discussion, and was attended by large audience. All credit to the Export Institute and Yaara Shimony, the manager for Wine & Fresh Produce at the IEICI, for organizing the event.

The Export Institute has over the years offered support to Israeli wine. They have hosted Israeli stands at major exhibitions, organized Israeli tastings in places like New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, and regularly host and organize visits to wineries for large numbers of buyers, wine journalists and wine professionals from all over the world. They also produced a booklet to explain and inform about Israeli wine.
Photo by Israel Preker

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