September 8, 2017
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In 1848 the Shor family opened the first recorded winery in Israel. Over the generations, the family split into three separate wineries, and all are still family owned and managed.

These are Arza, Hacormim and Zion. Zion Winery was the first to expand to quality table wines, launching the subsidiary 1848 Winery. Hacormim has also decided to market its Konditon wines under the old family label 'Schorr 1848'(using the old spelling and logo.) Meanwhile Arza Winery, became the largest Shor family winery and the fifth largest winery in Israel.

They produce a large range of wines and grape juice at good value prices. Now they have created a subsidiary called Hayotzer Winery to produce the finest wines in the Arza group. In the short time since it was founded, Hayotzer has not only exported to China but is also conducting talks to build a winery in China in a joint venture with a Chinese company.

Moti Shor, the seventh generation is the owner of Arza Winery & the small Hayotzer Winery, Guy Edri is the CEO and Philippe Lichtenstein, ex Carmel, French born & trained, is the winemaker.

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