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First news has leaked out that there is a wine guide is in the works, which will provide scores and ratings of Israeli wines. The first blind tastings are already taking place. The signs are that it will be published on the internet and electronic media.

The guide will be in English. It will therefore satisfy a need that has been lacking, since the famous wine critic, Daniel Rogov, z?l, passed away. He used to write the annual ?Rogov?s Guide To Israeli Wine?, but since 2011, there has been nothing in its place.

There are other books in English about Israeli wine. These include The Wine Route of Israel and Wines of Israel published by Cordinata, but these do not rate individual wines.

The guide will be written by two people who are very well qualified and respected in the wine trade, Yair Gat and Gal Zohar. Yair Gat is the wine critic for the newspaper Israel Hayom, and has arguably the most regular wine column of the larger newspapers published in Hebrew. Gal Zohar is a wine consultant and ex sommelier, with international experience in London. Together they make a good team and the results of their blind tastings are eagerly awaited.


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