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Victor Schoenfeld
Head Winemaker, Golan Heights Winery

Let?s face it ? most people don?t like turning 30. In fact, many people at 30 start lying about their age.

But 30 years for a winegrowing area is nothing. We know wine has been made for at least 7,000 years. So if wine is an 80-year-old person, the modern Golan Heights wine region is a four-month-old baby. But our surprising little baby is playing on even terms with the big kids, which is a lot to celebrate.

In 1984, as a young winemaking student at the University of California at Davis, I read a New York Times article about some great new wine, the 1983 Yarden Sauvignon Blanc. To my great amazement, a wine shop in Davis carried it. Little did I know,thatvery enjoyable bottle would launch both a wine quality revolution for Israel, and a fascinatinglifelong adventure for me.

After making wine in California and France, I arrived to Golan Heights Winery in April, 1991, planning to stick around as long as it was interesting and fun. And now, after more than two decades, it?ssurprisingly more interesting and fun than ever. Part of the fun is working with a multidisciplinary team of leading experts ? from Israel and abroad, from within the Winery and without ? on numerous state-of-the-art projectsall aimed at constantly improving our wine quality.

So what?s our most exciting secret? The future! We guarantee you a future of exciting quality wines, including continued surprises.

So I would like to raise a glass of wine andmake a toast:

? to our beautiful wine regionthatcontinues to amaze us;

? to ourincredible team in the vineyards and at the winery;

? to all the wine lovers in Israel and around the world who enjoy our wines;

? to a very happy 30th birthday? and to an even more promising future!

And what a surprising coincidence ? the Winery turns 30 the same year I turn 49 (for the second time). But that?s another story?

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