Listed below are some of the recorded comments about Israeli wines, by some of the most famous wine critics, wine writers and wine journalists. 
“The corner has clearly been turned qualitatively. Israel has a real wine industry that deserves consumer attention. There are attractive wines with typicity and some distinction….Many are classic and charming and the best will impress anyone.”
 Mark Squires, Wine Advocate
 “The…wines are getting better all the time and some of them are superb”
Robert Parker, Business Week

“New vineyards with classic varieties and a focus on cool climate, high altitude regions…has transformed Israeli wines, as has modern technology and internationally trained winemakers.”
 Hugh Johnson, Pocket Wine Book

 “Improvements in quality and consistency …… have been remarkable.”
Jancis Robinson MW, World Wine Atlas

 “The country’s entire wine industry has gained global recognition.”
Tom Stevenson, Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia

 "Israel is on track to make wines with a distinctive style and taste. Its an amazing turnaround for a nation that has been mostly overlooked in the world wine sweepstakes."
 Kim Marcus, The Wine Spectator
“The good news is that there is a rising sea of ever-improving Israeli wine being produced…”  
 Howard Goldberg, The Wine News/ Wine Review Online
  “….I tasted some very fine wines from Israel…”   
Robert Parker, erobertparker.com
"Now there is a wine revolution in Israel. Quality entrenched in a New World Approach, is strong and growing” 
 Stephen Brook, Decanter
“Israel’s best Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots are exceptional”  
Andrew Jefford, Wine Magazine
“Israel has developed a wine industry that will confound preconceptions.”
Mark Squires, Wine Advocate
“Israel is a rising star of the wine world” 
Oz Clarke, Wine
“… quality is on the upswing …change is sweeping (Israel’s) wineries and vineyards at a swift pace.” 
Wine Spectator
 “ In such a climate, tending vineyards and producing wine is an act of courage and of optimism. I have enormous admiration for the majority of Israel’s winemakers…. Surrounded by anger, dogma, devastation, deprivation, mutual suspicion and….politics, they offer the possibility of hope for a better future.”
Tim Atkin MW, The Observer/ Off Licence News
“Once recommendation of Israel wines was mostly of a sentimental nature. That is no longer necessary.”
  Frank Prial, New York Times
“No-one should avoid wines simply because they have kosher certification. It seems generally irrelevant.” 
Wine Advocate

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