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Israel?s main wine trade exhibition will take place in Tel Aviv from January 7th to January 8th 2014.

During refurbishments of its regular venue, it was held at the Nokia Stadium, but will this year return to more usual home: the lobby and foyer of the Heichal Tarbut/ Mann Auditorium.

This will be the tenth year this exhibition is held.

Israel?s largest wineries will take part, along with many of Israel?s finest boutique and small wineries.

There will also be imported wines on show.

It will be attended by winery personnel, restaurateurs, waiters, wine waiters, sommeliers, bar managers, chefs etc.

It is an opportunity for professionals to taste wine and meet with winemakers etc.

The event which is held annually is organized by Studio Ben Ami, owned by ex-sommelier Avi Ben Ami.

Studio Ben Ami also organizes Eshkol Hazahav, Israel?s premier wine competition and Beers, an exhibition of Israeli and?imported breweries.



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