May 5, 2014
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Robert Parker?s Wine Advocate has again published a tasting of Israeli wines, this time focusing on two established wineries and two new ones. The tasting was conducted & written up by Mark Squires.

?The established wineries were Recanati and Domaine du Castel. The new wineries were Bat Shlomo and Montefiore.

?Recanati Winery was the star of the tasting with no less than five wines scoring 90 points or more. An outstanding performance. They received a score of 92 points for two wines: the Recanati Special Reserve, Galilee 2011, and the Recanati Wild Carignan, Judean Hills 2011. Only five Israeli wines have ever scored more than 92 points.

?Mark Squires tasted a mini vertical of the Recanati Wild Carignan. Apart from the 2011, the 2009 and 2010 vintage of the Carignan scored 91 and 90 points respectively. Mark Squires wrote that Recanati had hit the bullseye with this grape variety. Recanati also scored 90 points for their recently released Recanati Marselan 2012. Marselan is a cross of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache.

?Castel?s Grand Vin, Judean Hills 2011 scored 91 points. This is the sixth time this particular Bordeaux style blend has scored 90 points or more in the Wine Advocate, making it one of the most successful wines in this publication. Squires wrote this wine was ?showing the winery?s trademark finesse?.

?Of the new wineries, the Bat Shlomo Sauvignon Blanc 2012 and Montefiore Petite Sirah 2011 scored best. The Bat Shlomo wine was fermented 40% in stainless steel and 40% in a concrete egg from Nomblot. It was sealed with a glass bar top cork.

?The Montefiore Petite Sirah was described as beautifully balanced, graceful and silky. The Montefiore Red 2013 was praised for its value. It was termed ?a summer Red?Its delicious?easily the best value here.?

?Robert Parker?s Wine Advocate is the most influential wine publication in the world. Robert Parker is the world?s most respected wine critic. He has a team of tasters made up of specialists for each country. The specialist for Israel is Mark Squires, who has been tasting Israeli wines for the Wine Advocate for over seven years. He is also the specialist for Portugal, Greece and Lebanon.



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