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Tasting Room is a new wine bar that has opened. It is situated in Sarona, the historic Templar farming village, sandwiched between the Kyria and Rehov Ha’Arba, in bustling modern Tel Aviv.

Visitors can taste no less than forty wines at any one time, all kept at the maximum quality and freshness. They can buy glasses of varying sizes, using a smart card similar to those used in hotels these days. A full glass is 125 cl, but there are also options of a half glass or a tasting measure of 25 cl.

Seventy percent of the wines stocked are Israeli and some of Israel’s largest wineries and highest quality small wineries are also represented. It provides a wonderful opportunity for the wine lover or connoisseur to taste, compare and evaluate a number of wines at one sitting.

It is also a wonderful place for an evening out or a small event. There is good, wine bar style food available for those wanting to make an evening of it. There is a cheese platter, charcuterie or bruschetta available for those wanting something to eat.

Tasting Room is the brainchild of Avi (Avshalom) Cohen, who also has his own winery. The smiling face that may greet you is Roni Saslove, ex of Saslove Winery. She is the manager.

The building used to be the community center in the Sarona village.

This outlet reflects the wine revolution that has happened in Israel. There is no outlet quite like this for tourists and wine lovers in Israel.


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