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The idea of a second winery being launched from an existing winery is gaining popularity.

Of course the two most famous examples are Carmel Winery that owns Yatir Winery, and the Golan Heights Winery that owns Galil Mountain. Both these subsidiary wineries have their own vineyards, winemaker and winery quite apart and separate from the parent company.

Then there are wineries that operate two brands out of the same winery which are marketed as separate wineries. The best example of is Tempo Beverages, which owns both Barkan and Segal. Each brand is independent with its own wines and labels and they are both produced at the large Barkan Winery at Hulda. Another is the boutique 1848 Winery whose parent company is the Zion Winery.

Now there are two more new examples to add to the list. Tulip Winery has launched a new boutique winery called MAIA under the slogan ‘Mediterranean Approach Israeli Art’. This is a beautifully marketed concept. The labels are stylish, slightly Greek looking, the wines are Mediterranean in style and even the advisors are from Greece. The winery represents a difference in style and concept to differentiate it from Tulip.

Also Pelter Winery, from the Golan Heights, has now launched a brand new winery called Matar. The reason here is not to produce a new concept as is the case with Tulip and Maia, but to supply wines that are kosher for the large captive market that drinks only kosher wines. Pelter produces wines that are not kosher, whilst Matar’s new wines are kosher.

Israeli wine industry becomes ever more crowded as new wineries seem to open every day. Now we have existing wineries opening new wineries too! However the wines of both Maia and Matar are high quality and are well worth trying.


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