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Sauveur, the American food magazine, has named Tel Aviv as of the world's best culinary destinations.

This is international recognition supporting something that visitors to Israel have known for some time. Tel Aviv possesses a bubbling variety of eating establishments of all types, from the simple humus and falafel kiosk to the fine dining of the best restaurants.

The culinary scene is dynamic, quality driven and varied.

Of course, wine also plays a part in this recognition. Israeli wines are better than ever. There are hundreds of wineries using many different grape varieties. There is a large range of wine styles and wines may come all over Israel, from the mountainous regions in the north to the desert in the south. There are also imported wines of all types, regions and quality are also available. Wine service and wine storage has improved no end in recent years. So Tel Aviv as a food and wine destination is a must visit.

To underline this focus on Israel, El Al Israeli Airlines was named as outstanding in the Best In Flight Wine Program category. The wine program was created by Israeli wine expert Yair Hajdu. The list is particularly  innovative in that there is a separate summer and winter wine list, mainly selected from the larger wineries like Carmel, Barkan, Golan Heights and Tabor. However there are also  specialist monthly choices of boutique wines and new finds. So the best established small wineries like Castel & Yatir are also represented, along with new introductions, like Montefiore and Ramat Naftaly, for example.  The wines are accompanied by an informative sometimes slightly, amusing text designed to create interest and to educate.

This recognition is a great endorsement of El Al's wine program.

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