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Recently there was a tasting of Israeli wines in Paris, held at the headquarters of the OIV, the wine industry's main organizational body. It was organized by The Israel Export Institute in association with the Ministry of Agriculture and the relevant bodies in France.

The tasting followed the visit of Jean-Marie Aurand to Israel  in September. Monsieur Aurand is the Directeur General of the OIV.

Twenty Israeli wineries took part. These included the large wineries like Carmel, Barkan, Golan Heights, Tabor, Binyamina and Recanati and small wineries like Adir, Castel, Flam, Montefiore, Ramat Naftaly andYaffo.

France is the country with the largest Jewish population outside the United States and is also the most famous wine country in the world.

There was interest from the Kosher wine buyers but also from others in the general wine trade curious about wines from a region they were not familiar with.




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