BEST OF 2014

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Mark Squires, arguably the world's leading authority on Israeli wines, has selected six Israeli wines in his list 'Best of 2014.'  Squires is the wine expert tasting wines from our region for Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, the most influential wine magazine or newsletter in the wine business.

The six wines included two from Carmel Winery, and one each from Clos de Gat, Flam, Recanati and Tulip Wineries.

The top wines were:
 Flam Noble 2010
 Recanati Wild Carignan 2011
 Black Tulip 2011

The best value wines were:
Carmel Riesling Kayoumi Vineyard 2012
Carmel Vineyards Petite Sirah Old Vines 2010
 Clos de Gat Chanson Rouge 2013.

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