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From Vinitaly International Academy in New York and – for the first time – in Canada in January, to the 49th edition of the exhibition itself brought forward to March, through to the International Wine Competition in April and then Expo on 1 May with the Italian Wine Experience Pavilion named "Vino – A Taste of Italy". Here is the schedule of Vinitaly's calendar of appointments for a year that, thanks to the Universal Exposition in Milan, will be a major launch-pad for Italian wine in the world.

Verona, 14 January 2015 – 2015 will be a special year for the image of Italian wine around the world, with the spotlight on Expo in Milan. Veronafiere is directly involved in the implementation of the "Vino -A Taste of Italy" Pavilion promoting the Italian wine experience and has reorganized and expanded its calendar of events dedicated to wine in Italy and abroad in order to ensure the best possible synergy with the huge event in Milan.

Vinitaly is scheduled 22-25 March (, bringing the show forward from April to March and consequently involving greater impetus for preparation work immediately after the Christmas holidays. Organization of the most important international wine exhibition are progressing rapidly alongside efforts for Sol&Agrifood and Enolitech ( scheduled for the same dates, as well as for  OperaWine ( which will take place  21 March.

The schedule for Vinitaly and the City, the Vinitaly evening off-show event, also changes. This event, which will take place for the first time outdoors in Verona's historic squares, is scheduled 19-24 March: 6 days instead of 2 last year, in order to offer wine lovers and professionals arriving from all over the world even more time to discover the taste and quality of Italian wine and food.

The end of January sees Vinitaly International resume its activities together with the Vinitaly International Academy educational events in New York 27 January and in Toronto, Canada, during the first edition of Vinitaly Canada, on 28 January. An exclusive VIA session will also take place 16-20 March in Verona.

A special Vinitaly presentation is planned in New York on 2 February during the Italian Wine Week organised by ICE (Italian Foreign Trade Agency), while another presentation of Vinitaly and the "Vino – A Taste of Italy" Pavilion will be held on 19 February in New York during the Italy Gala of the Italian Wine & Food Institute, for which Vinitaly is a partner.

19 March will in turn see the International Packaging Competition , dedicated to finished bottles, i.e. the graphics and design of bottles of wines and spirits made from grapes, marcs, grape must or wine. As of this year, the Competition also opens its doors to categories of spirits other than grapes (such as gin, rum, whisky), all liqueurs and even extra virgin olive oil ( Entries are open 1 February to 10 March.

Given at the Universal Exposition in Milan, the International Wine Competition ( will be held as a special exception after Vinitaly – 12-16 April – and not before as tradition. The most important and selective wine competition in the world celebrates 22 editions and thereby becomes a showcase for the best wines from all producing countries. Italian wines winning Grand Gold Medals and Gold Medals will in turn be the protagonists of special tastings organized during Expo in the Vino – A Taste of Italy pavilion. Entries for the competition are open from 1 February to 25 March.

As for quality extra virgin olive oil, following the very positive experience in 2014 the Sol d'Oro Competition will again be split in two – with the edition dedicated to olive oils from the Northern Hemisphere scheduled 15-21 February  (entries close on 10 February) and olive oils from Southern Hemisphere in September.


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