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Double Gold’ awarded to 2012 Yarden Heightswine &

2011 Yarden Merlot Kela Single Vineyard

Each year at the Mediterranean international wine and spirit challenge, Terravino, panels of judges from across the globe nominate medals to International and Israeli wines. This year’s competition included 448 samples of wines and spirits, 55% of the samples being from Israel, and the remainder from 29 other countries. 

Of the 14 double gold medals presented, 6 medals were awarded to Israeli wines.  The Golan Heights Winery won two double gold medals, three gold medals, and two silver medals.   Aside the wine awards presented, an additional prize was awarded to the Golan Heights Winery winemakers, led by chief winemaker Victor Schoenfeld, for the best winemakers’ team competition. 

The 2012 Yarden Heightswine received a double gold medal with the highest score of the whole competition (93.7), and announced as the grant champion.  Second double gold medal was the 2011 Yarden Merlot Kela Single Vineyard (with a score of 92.3).   

Other medals given to Golan Heights Winery include the 2011 Yarden Syrah (gold medal), 2010 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon (gold medal), 2011 Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon (gold medal). 2008 Yarden Blanc de Blancs (silver medal) and the 2013 Yarden Chardonnay Odem organic vineyard (silver medal).   

Anat Levy, CEO of Golan Heights Winery comments on winning such prestigious medals, “This news is extremely exciting, and we truly put an enormous amount of time and energy to ensure our wines present quality.  From day one, our mission as a winery was to produce outstanding wines for discerning wine enthusiasts across the globe, and this is exactly what we have accomplished”.    

Founded nine years ago, Terravino international wine competition has gained a prestigious reputation among the wine industry.   The panel of judges include key figures in the wine industry, wine journalists, and prominent individuals from the tourism industry.  For more information on Terravino and the upcoming tastings on the awarded wines, visit their website grape-man.com.


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