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Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate has again tasted Israeli wines and three Israeli wines have scored a very respectable 92 points. They are as follows:
Chateau Golan Eliad Royal Reserve 2012
Makura Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (Amphorae Winery)
Recanati Special Reserve 2012. For Recanati Winery,

This is their third score of 92 points achieved. For the other two, this is the first time.

These three wines join a mere thirteen other Israeli wines that have managed to be awarded 92 points or more in this important publication. Of these sixteen wines, the highest score is 94 points achieved by Clos de Gat. The most frequently listed wine is Castel Grand Vin.

 Before 2007, Israel did not appear on Robert Parker’s radar. In December of that year the first major tasting of Israeli wines was published, and since then the tastings are held fairly regularly and throughout the year. The tastings are conducted by Mark Squires.

Mark Squires is arguably the number one specialist on Israeli wine. He has visited Israel and IsraWinExpo and tastes so many Israeli wines, that he is thoroughly up to date on the Israeli scene.  He is part of Robert Parker’s tasting team. His scores and tasting notes are published in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, the most influential wine newsletter in the world.

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