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Winery's limited edition label only used for exceptional vintages

Golan Heights Winery, the leading premium winery in Israel, has released the 2011 Yarden Katzrin. The flagship wine is only produced from grapes harvested during the most outstanding vintages.

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and Merlot, the Yarden Katzrin is a deeply colored, full-bodied wine, with a rich and complex flavor. It pairs beautifully with the deep taste of roast meats.yarden_katzrin 11

The limited edition 2011 Yarden Katzrin was launched at Yarden Vintage Wine Festival 2015, the Winery’s wine and gourmet festival which took place at Golan Heights Winery on May 13-14, 2015.

Only the most exceptional vintages bear the Yarden Katzrin label. Despite having the lowest temperatures on record in the region and 130% average annual rainfall, the 2011 harvest produced an outstanding vintage. This was especialy surprising as it followed the 2010 harvest which saw unusually high temperatures.

The 2011 Yarden Katzrin is the pinnacle of Golan Heights Winery’s winemaking prowess. A wine of rare and impressive quality, Yarden Katzrin embodies the Winery’s philosophy of ongoing improvement. From individualized handling of the various vineyards, to significant technological investments in growing and production, nothing is overlooked throughout the entire winemaking process. Under the leadership of Head Winemaker Victor Schoenfeld, Yarden Katzrin epitomizes the Golan Heights Winery’s uncompromising quest for quality and excellence.

“A rich wine of exceptional qualities, Yarden Katzrin embodies the best of the Winery’s creative process,” said Anat Levi, CEO of Golan Heights Winery. “As a blend of two varieties, the 2011 Yarden Katzrin tells the story of the Golan growing region as a whole. This wine expresses the unique landscapes and characteristics of the Golan, the stunning power of nature, and the wonderful creativity of our people.”

“The 2011 growing season was our coldest ever, and we had to adapt ourselves to the unexpected conditions,” said Victor Schoenfeld. “The combination of the hot 2010 vintage and the cold 2011 vintage taught us an important lesson: the Golan is capable of producing excellent wines even in years of extreme weather, which is highly unusual in the world of wine.”

The 2011 Yarden Katzrin is the eighth in a line of Yarden Katzrin wines (1990, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2007) that have received wide-ranging praise in Israel and throughout the world.

The 2011 Yarden Katzrin was produced in a special limited edition of 53 barrels only. The wine will be distributed in domestic and foreign markets, and will soon be seen on the wine lists of prestigious restaurants in Israel and abroad.


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