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The largest and final guide by Daniel Rogov
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The ultimate, and final, Rogov?s Guide has been published. It contains nearly 687 pages. Last years version had a mere 603 pages! This year there is no International kosher wine Guide, nor a version in Hebrew. The book is published by Toby Press, the publisher, which has provided a wonderful service to Israeli wine over the years. Rogov?s Guide was first published in 2005 and the last in the series will be the 2012 edition.

It will be the final edition because of the untimely death of the author, Daniel Rogov, z?l, just over a month ago. Daniel Rogov for thirty years had been Israel?s most famous wine critic and the voice of the Israel wine renaissance. His mouthpiece was firstly the Jerusalem Post, then Haaretz and Rogov?s Wine Discussion Forum. However it was the annual Rogov?s Guide To Israeli Wines, which really made Rogov a household name.

The book contains 175 Israeli wineries. For this reason alone it is worth purchasing, because it is the most comprehensive list of Israeli wineries available anywhere, and that includes Israeli wine websites and even the country?s official wine bodies! So it is a valuable source of information. It also contains a data base of wine tasting notes and scores for older wines making it a complete source of information.

The eagerly awaited winery rankings by Rogov were increased this year from the usual ?Top 10?, to a Baker?s Dozen, allowing the addition of three more wines to the standard list.

The top wineries were:

1. Golan Heights Winery (Katzrin, Rom, Yarden, Gamla)
2. Margalit
3. Yatir
4. Castel
5. Clos de Gat
6. Flam
7. Chateau Golan
8. Pelter
9. Carmel (Limited Edition, Mediterranean, Single Vineyard, Appellation)
10. Sea Horse
11. Recanati
12. Tzora
13. Vitkin

The top wines released in the last 12 months were:

Golan Heights Rom Yarden 2007 95 points
Margalit, Cabernet Sauvignon, Special Reserve 2009 95
Yatir Forest 2008 95

Tom Stevenson, the author of the Sotheby?s Wine Encyclopedia and editor of The Wine Report, wrote: ???thankfully sommeliers and consumers of Israeli wines everywhere can turn to Rogov?s Guide to Israeli Wines. The Guide ranks with Platter?s Guide in South Africa as head-and-shoulders above every other national wine guide.? A compliment indeed from one of the world?s most respected wine writers. The Ultimate Rogov?s Guide is the biggest and best ever. It remains a fitting final memorial to Daniel Rogov?s giant contribution to Israeli wine. His memory is a blessing.

The Ultimate Rogov?s Guide To Israeli Wines, by Daniel Rogov. Published by Toby Press. Price NIS 129.



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