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The eagerly awaited fourth edition of The Wine Route of Israel has now been released. Most of the book has been rewritten, revised or updated for this new edition, as the third edition was published nearly four years ago.Cover wine route of israel new edition 2015_1

The book includes an A to Z of Israeli wineries, from Israel?s largest commercial wineries to the smallest boutique wineries. The maps show the different wine routes from the Upper Galilee down to the Negev.

The Wine Route of Israel includes a comprehensive history of Israeli wine including explanations and information about the Israeli wine scene. It is the most complete description and explanation of the Israeli wine industry, past and present, currently available.

The attractive cover has not been changed. The green, flattened vine leaves with a silhouette of a wine bottle on them will ensure the book continues to be familiar. The new edition may be recognized by a small barrel in the top right hand corner of the cover, along with the words ?Revised & Updated.?

The authors are Eliezer Sacks, owner of Cordinata Publishing, and industry veteran, Adam Montefiore, who is also the wine writer for the Jerusalem Post.

Other contributors to The Wine Route of Israel include Dr. Arkadi Papikian, Professor Amos Hadas and Michal Dayagi-Mendels. Peter Stern, from California, and Dr. Peter Hallgarten, from London, wrote the forewords.

The book is dedicated to the memory of the wine critic Daniel Rogov, z?l, and wine personality Meni Peer, z?l, both of whom are both greatly missed.

The Wine Route of Israel is published by Cordinata and retails at NIS. 149. It is available from bookshops like Steimatzky & Tzomet Sefarim or winery shops and visitors centers.
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    Is the book 4th edition available in tel aviv area or we collect ur directly at Cordinata

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