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Tabor Winery was the only Israeli representative at the New York Wine Experience, which is held every two years at the Marquis Marriot Hotel, Manhattan, New York.

This event is for the finest 250 wineries in the world. Quite simply it is the most prestigious wine tasting event in the world and attendance is by invitation only. Tabor took its place amongst the most famous wineries on the planet.Limited 11000

In the past 17 years, the only other Israeli wineries to be invited were Yarden- Golan Heights Winery and Clos de Gat. So Tabor joins distinguished company.

Tabor Winery qualified by having the highest score of any Israeli wine tasted by the Wine Spectator this year. The Wine Spectator is the world’s number one wine magazine. The successful wine was the rare Tabor Limited Edition 2011. This  is a varietal Cabernet Sauvignon produced from the Malkia vineyard in the Upper Galilee.

Tabor Winery was founded in 1999 by four growers in Kfar Tabor (Tabor Village), in the shadow of Mount Tabor in the Lower Galilee. The winery CEO is Oren Sella, from one of the founding families. The winemaker is Arieh Nesher, who previously worked for Carmel and Tishbi. The viticulturist is Michal Akkerman.

There are four labels. Har Mt. Tabor is the entry level label, with its striking yellow capsules. The Har Chardonnay was one of the top Best Value Wines of the Year in 2014, selected by the Wine Enthusiast. Next up is Adama. The Adama Merlot last year scored 93 points, then highest ever score for an Israeli wine in the Wine Enthusiast. Adama II is the premium label  launched with an innovative choice of names which express the character of the wines. and Tabor Limited Edition, regarded by Wine Spectator as the best of 2015, is their flagship wine. There is also a fun sparkling wine label called Pearls (Pnimim).

Tabor wines are distributed in Israel, by IBBLS, the importers of Diageo, (Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff etc), the leading spirits company in the world. Royal Wine Corp. imports the wines to America and Kedem Europe is the importer to the UK.

This is an immense achievement by Tabor Winery, and reflects great credit on Israeli wine as whole. This year it was Tabor Winery that had the honor of representing the finest of Israel in the world’s most prestigious forum.

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