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Terravino took place again this year, which was the 10th anniversary. The competition was founded by Haim Gan of Ish Anavim and has been managed by him with the support of the OIV since then.

This year, the three main awards went to Barkan Winery, 1848 Winery and Professor Amos Hadas.

The champion wine was the Segal Rehasim Dishon Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. Segal is owned by Barkan Winery, which is the largest winery in the country. Barkan is owned by Tempo, Israel's largest brewery. Barkan Winery & Segal Wines are produced at their winery at Hulda.

The best boutique winery wine was the 1848 Malbec Fourth Generation 2013. 1848 Winery is a subsidiary of Zion Winery, which is owned by the Shor family. The wines are produced at Mishor Adumim.

Professor Amos Hadas was awarded with the accolade of Man of The Year. He is author of the book: The Vine & Wine: Archaeology of The Land of Israel and a regular contributor to www.wines-israel.com .


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