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Both Carmel and their subsidiary winery, Yatir, were included in Robert Parker's Wine Advocate annual list of the 'Best Wines of 2015.

Mark Squires, Parker's specialist on Israeli wines, made the list of six Israeli and Lebanese wines.

The wines are:

Castel Grand Vin 2013

Alexander Amarolo 2011

Chateau Kefraya Comte de M  2011

Yatir Viognier 2013

Carmel Kayoumi Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Clos de Gat Chanson White 2014.

The first three were selected for their high scores and the last three were marked as 'Best Value.' Mark Squires himself commented: " Carmel is often an excellent source for well priced wines."

Robert Parker is the world's most influential wine critic. The Wine Advocate is his newsletter. Mark Squires is part of his tasting team and arguably the biggest expert on Israeli wines today.

It is a big honor for the Carmel Winery group to have two wines in this prestigious list, of only five Israeli wines. Last year, in the list for 'Best Wines of 2014', Carmel also had two representatives: Carmel Kayoumi Vineyard Riesling 2013 and Carmel Vineyards Petite Sirah Old Vines 2010. This represents quality, consistency and good value and reflects great credit on the historic winery of Israel.


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