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Binyamina Winery have appointed Tamir Bushnitzky as their new CEO.
TAMIR BUSHNITZKYHe has served in a variety of roles with the supermarket chains Mega and Supersol, and with Office Depot. He was recently CEO of Katif, a subsidiary of Israel's largest supermarket chain Supersol.

Eliaz Binyamina 18-18 was founded in 1952 in the coastal  town of Binyamina. In the late 1990's it changed its name to Binyamina Winery. In 2008, the winery was purchased by the owner of the Hezi Hinam supermarket chain.  For many years Binyamina has been the fifth largest winery in Israel. Its main brands are The Cave, a boutique wine, and The Chosen, Special Reserve, Yogev, Bin and Teva, which are under the Binyamina label. The winemaker is Yiftach Peretz, who studied in Italy.

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