Tsina Avidan, z”l

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Tsina Avidan, z"l


The small Israeli wine world is in shock at the premature, untimely death of Tsina Avidan, owner and winemaker of Avidan Winery,one of the country?s most up and coming, fastest improving boutique wineries.

A boutique winery should almost by definition be characterful and highly individual. Avidan Winery certainly fits the bill. The wines are bold, the blends sometimes unconventional, the labels and brand names idiosyncratic. They were made in the image of Tsina who came from the Provence region in the South of France. The love affair with wine started with her roots and upbringing, continued in a shared love of the vine and grape, with her husband Shlomo.

This developed into a domestic winery making a thousand odd bottles in a shed at their home in Ra?anana. It then grew to become a boutique winery. Tsina was both inventive, always keen to innovate, and curious, prepared to make small lots of highly individual wines, just for the excitement of seeing how they would turn out. She was a shrewd, very organized winery manager and a winemaker who followed her instinct.

The passionate amateur, helped by her family, became a successful professional as the winery grew. It is the dream of every boutique winery to become recognized by The Wine Advocate, the newsletter owned by Robert Parker. Many wineries throughout the world strive to receive 90 points from the world?s most famous international critic. Well, Tsina?s Avidan Winery succeeded to achieve this three times in the last two years.? The Avidan Full Wine Fringe 2007 and 2008, and the Avidan Tagkatom Blend des Noirs 2008 all scored 90 points. This was international recognition at the highest possible level.

Today Avidan Winery produces 30,000 bottles and is situated in Kibbutz Eyal, in the south east corner of the Sharon Plain. Tsina made all wines well but had a particular magic touch with Mediterranean varieties. Her Grenache and Prio were trend setting wines. All her wines will live on as a testimony of Tsina?s winemaking skills.

Tsina went before her time. She was much loved as a person, greatly respected as a talented winemaker and she will be sorely missed by friends, wine lovers and connoisseurs alike. Our sincere condolences go to her husband Shlomo, and daughters Shira, Dikla and Ya?ara.
Her memory is a blessing.

Adam Montefiore


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