July 17, 2016
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I recently wrote about the surprise of Adam Montefiore leaving Carmel Winery. Time has passed, so filled with curiosity, I telephoned to ask him what he would be doing next.
He explained he was still technically with Carmel until July 31st  2016. From then on, he will be freelance, working on a number of projects.adam11
From August, he will begin working part time for Montefiore Winery, with both Arnon Geva and his daughter, Rachel. He will also join Oded Shoham and work with him in developing 'Handcrafted Wines of Israel' and 'The Israel Wine Experience'.
'Handcrafted Wines of Israel' is the name for a group of prestige boutique wineries and cult wines that they will market together within Israel. The wineries include Margalit Winery, Clos de Gat, Vignobles Jacques Capsouto, Bar Maor and now also Montefiore Winery. They together will also represent Gros Winery, Shoham wines and the private wines of winemakers Yaacov Oriyah and Sam Soroka.  The purpose of 'The Israel Wine Experience' is to advance Brand Israel through lectures, tastings, events, winery visits and education. Adam will in essence join these two initiatives that Shoham founded a number of years ago.
Adam will also be a Wine Consultant advising wineries on marketing, labels and export. Finally he will continue to be the wine writer for the Jerusalem Post. He has written his wine column called 'Wine Talk'  since 2010.
Adam Montefiore told me: "I intend to be very busy. I hope to earn a living from all these things together and I will be doing things I enjoy and love to do." He went on: "I have known Arnon Geva and Oded Shoham for 25 years and worked with them in the past. I respect them both enormously and will enjoy working with them again." is sure Adam Montefiore will continue to do much to advance Israeli wine and wishes him every success in the future.
Israel Preker 
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