2008 Golan Moscato

Golan Heights Winery is currently releasing the first Israeli wine from the 2008 harvest: more »

2008 Golan Moscato

Golan Heights Winery is currently releasing the first Israeli wine from the 2008 harvest: 2008 Golan Moscato. Young, refreshing and easily drinkable, this white dessert wine is made in the style of Moscato d’Asti, the famous dessert wines of the Piedmont region in Italy.

The 2008 Golan Moscato shows off bright notes of fresh citrus blossoms, grapefruits, guavas and ripe melons. While quite sweet, the wine?s gentle sparkle and relatively low alcohol content make it refreshing and easy to drink, especially when served very chilled (5-7?C / 41-45?F).

The 2008 Golan Moscato is made from Muscat Canelli grapes grown in the Geshur and Ramat Magshimim vineyards in the southern Golan Heights. As in every year, the Muscat Canelli grapes were the first to be harvested, which allows the wine to be released already in the month of October. The wine underwent very cold fermentation that was stopped at a relatively early stage, resulting in an aromatic, lightly sparkling dessert wine.

While we most enjoy Golan Moscato with dessert, others enjoy it as an aperitif or along with some cool slices of melon on a warm summer afternoon. Golan Moscato is best enjoyed on the fresh side, within about a year and a half of the harvest.

A Bit of History
Golan Moscato is the first Israeli wine to be made in the style of Moscato d’Asti. The wine was first produced in small experimental quantities in 1999, and received a warm reception from guests of Golan Vintage ’99 ? the international wine and gourmet festival at Golan Heights Winery. In light of this tasting, it was decided to produce the wine in commercial quantities. Marketed for the first time in 2000, the wine achieved immediate success, and has continued to thrive in the years thereafter.

?The Vintage
The winter rains preceding the 2008 season came light and early. Winter temperatures were fairly normal with a couple of good snowfalls. Both March and April were unusually warm with average daily highs more than 3oC (5oF) higher than normal. Cooler weather suddenly returned in May pushing the harvest back to its normal start at the onset of August.

We started the 2008 harvest with Muscat Canelli from two vineyards in the southern Golan on August 2. The very cold fermentation stops very early, giving us an exceptionally aromatic lightly sparkling dessert wine naturally low in alcohol.

The Analyses
Alcohol 6.0%
Titratable Acidity (TA) 6.4 g/L
pH 3.10
Sweetness (RS) Sweet

The Appellation
The Galilee (or Galil) is the most northern, and generally considered the best, appellation in Israel. The highest quality area within the appellation is the Golan Heights (or simply the Golan), the coldest region in Israel. The vineyards on this volcanic plateau rise from 400 meters (1,300 feet) above sea level to 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) and receive snowfall in the winter.


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  1. Dion Thornton says:

    My husband loves this wine. It is the only wine he will drink. I have had a very hard time finding it and our anniversary is coming up the end of the month. Please tell me where I can purchase a case or two.

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