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Barkan Winery, Israel's largest winery and largest exporter, has appointed Ido Lewinsohn as the new chief winemaker to replace the long time occupant, Ed Salzberg. Lewinsohn, who studied in Italy, is one of Israel's leading, young winemakers. He has worked for Recanati Winery over the years, being a very positive influence in their quality, wine style and marketing direction. He also makes wine at his father's garagiste winery, Lewinsohn, one of the finest small wineries in the country.

Barkan, situated at Hulda near Rehovot, is owned by Tempo. A new managing director of Barkan was appointed in August. He is Gilles Assouline, previously manager of the Tempo production facility and part of the management of the Tempo group. The chairman of Barkan Winery is Amir Bornstein. The sales and marketing of Barkan wines is managed by Tempo and Shmuel Boxer, the outgoing CEO, after 26 years, will become vice chairman and will continue to be responsible for export.

Tempo is the largest brewery in Israel and the second largest drinks company. It is situated in Netanya. The products they own or represent include Goldstar & Heineken; Absolut, Chivas Regal & Jameson; Pepsi Cola, Seven Up & San Pellegrino, as well as Barkan & Segal Wines.

The main Barkan labels are Superieur, Altitude, Assemblage, Special Reserve, Reserve  and Classic. Segal is marketed as a separate brand. The main Segal labels are Unfiltered, Rechasim, Marom Galil, Ben Ami and Shel Segal. These are the wines that Ido Lewinsohn will become responsible for. It is an excellent choice by Barkan, and shows a praiseworthy commitment to advancing wine quality.


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