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It is not so rare these days for Israeli wines to receive awards or good reviews. However since the death of Daniel Rogov, z"l, no Israeli wine books have received international recognition. Therefore it was nice to see two current Israeli wine books reviewed by Tamlyn Currin in

She wrote about The Wine Route of Israel: "It's a beautiful book, both to look at and to read, having been laid out with great care, full of gorgeous color photographs, maps and rich visual interest…. What I loved was the sheer diversity reflected in these pages." The new English edition of the Wine Route of Israel was published by Cordinata in autumn 2015. It is by Eliezer Sacks, Adam Montefiore & Yaron Goldfisher. Eliezer Sacks, owner of Cordinata, is the publisher and the editor. Adam Montefiore, wine industry veteran and wine writer for the Jerusalem Post, wrote most of the introductory essays and Yaron Goldfisher, was the initiator of the project.

She also wrote about The Comprehensive Guide to Israeli Wines by Sagi Cooper, Haim Gan and Yair Kornblum Koren,  published in the spring of 2016. Cooper is a wine critic with his own website 'The Daily Spittoon'. Haim Gan is owner of Ish Anavim (The Grape Man) in Jaffa, organizing wine events, wine culture & education, and Kornblum Koren is a broadcaster and wine journalist. She mentions the vacuum left by the passing of Daniel Rogov, "undisputed Israeli wine guru." She goes on: "This book is about great beginnings…but for a wine lover who wants to explore Israeli wine, this is a brilliant place to start."

Tamlyn Currin is part of Jancis Robinson's team. Jancis Robinson MW is arguably the world's premier wine writer, wine critic and wine educator, all rolled into one. Her books, which cover the most advanced to the most basic levels, are legendary, as is her website and past TV shows. The Oxford Companion To Wine, Wine Grapes and The World Atlas of Wine (with Hugh Johnson) are classics.

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