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The prize of the finest wine list in Israel has been awarded to The Norman Hotel, which is situated in Nachmani Street in Tel Aviv. The wine list was compiled by the talented young sommelier, Shira Tsiddon. She was only recently chosen by the Haaretz Newspaper as the Sommelier of the Year, by wine critic Itay Gleitman.

 Other wine lists in the running which received special commendations were those belonging to Chloelys Restaurant, Ramat Gan, Messa Restaurant, Montefiore Hotel and Toto Restaurant, all in Tel Aviv. In addition Chloelys won the prize for having the finest cellar and Toto for the best wine by the glass program. The finest wine list in a kosher restaurant was awarded to La Regence, the restaurant in the prestigious King David Hotel, in Jerusalem.

The awards were made as part of the new Restaurant Wine Awards announced during the Sommelier Exhibition in Tel Aviv. This is the main wine trade exhibition held annually in Israel, which is organized by Studio Ben Ami. Avi Ben Ami is one of Israel's most distinguished sommeliers and he also organizes Israel's premier wine tasting competitions, Best Value & Eshkol Hazahav.


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