Daniel Rogov’s Views & Tasting Notes

Daniel Rogov is by far Israel's most famous wine critic and both wineries and consumers, professionals and amateurs eagerly await Rogov's judgement after he visits the wineries each year. more »

Daniel Rogov's Views & Tasting Notes


Daniel Rogov’s views and tasting notes are now going to be featured and published in the new English website of www.wines-israel.co.il. Israel Preker, founder, owner and manager of the site says: “This is a big plus for us. Daniel Rogov is the number one brand in Israeli wine and has done more than anyone to advance the wines of Israel worldwide.”

His tasting notes may now found on the home page http://www.wines-israel.co.il/len/, under the simple heading ‘ROGOV’. Such is his reputation, the name is enough, without further explanation.

?Daniel Rogov is by far Israel’s most famous wine critic and both wineries and consumers, professionals and amateurs?eagerly await Rogov’s judgement after he visits the wineries each year.?He?is the guru to a number of wine and food lovers, who?follow his recommendations?religiously. They?have even been known to take?his articles, carefully cut out from the newspaper and folded into a convenient pocket or handbag,?into wine shops?or restaurants?to?ensure the recommended wine or course is ordered.
He is most known for his award winning guide ‘Rogov’s Guide To Israeli Wines’ published by Toby Press. This annual guide has brought Israeli wines to the attention of wine lovers everywhere. It may be found on the?shelves of?leading bookshops from Borders in Los Angeles, Barnes & Noble in New York to Foyles and Waterstones?in London. He writes a weekly wine column for the Haaretz, which is the quality newspaper of Israel. He contributes to Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, the world’s largest selling wine book, and writes for The Wine Report, which is edited by Tom Stevenson.
He maintains his own forum on the websitehttp://www.wineloverspage.com/forum/village/, and discusses wine issues with members and?bloggers who write in for advice, to ask for information or give an opinion from around the world.?Daniel Rogov?is considered the world expert on Israeli wines and?kosher wines and a leading authority on? Mediterranean wines. Quite apart from this, he is also Israel’s?pre-eminent food writer and restaurant critic.



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