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Dalton Winery have completely relaunched their portfolio of wines with new labels. The review has been a gradual process as new wines came onto the market but the new look is now complete, culminating with the launch of their prestige flagship wine, Matatia 2013. The new Dalton was on show at the Lilliot Restaurant in Tel Aviv, where owner and CEO, Alex Haruni, presented the changes to journalists.

There are now six series or labels. The entry level label is called Kna'an and the range of wines under this label has been increased with the addition of new blends. Next up is the Dalton Estate series. This range includes a Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Gris. Alma is a label of Mediterranean style blends. The Alma wines have been given names like Scarlet, Crimson,  Ivory and Coral representing a new innovative direction.  The two premium labels are the Dalton Reserve and Dalton Single Vineyard labels which have a matching look evoking style and quality using the colors black and cream. Then finally, there is the flagship wine Matatia, only produced in special vintages.

Dalton- Photo By Israel Preker

Dalton Winery was founded in 1995 by Matatia Haruni, next door to Kerem Ben Zimra. They were the pioneering company of the Upper Galilee. Over 20 years later, the winery is now managed by Alex Haruni, his son. Guy Eshel is the new young winemaker. He studied at the University of California at Davis, and has experience in California. The Australian John Worontshak is the consultant winemaker.  The winery manages vineyards of 1,200 dunams, most of which are in the Galilee,  and produces 1 million bottles a year.

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