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Many congratulations to David Silverman and kudos for Israel! He has been awarded first place at the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year in the 'People's Choice – Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year' category. His wonderful timing and ability to capture a moment,  is illustrated in the winning photo. A thirsty grape picker at harvest shares a small plastic cup of water with a grateful colleague. In a flash, he captures the spirit of the harvest, the personal aspect, crucial to the winemaking process,  and the potential of the precious fruit that will in due course be transformed into wine.

Photo by David Silverman Copyright © 2016 dpsimages. All Rights Reserved.

David Silverman may be seen at most wine events. He is the one with the large professional camera around his neck, when everyone else is making do with smartphones. He has a craggy face, close cropped silver hair, a 'Desperate Dan' chin and an engaging ear to ear smile. He is talented as you will see if you look at his website but also hard working and immensely generous with his time and in allowing others to share his art. He is the number one wine photographer in the Israeli wine trade. Like most photographers he is modest, patient and an absolute perfectionist, and he adds to this a deep passion for all things vinous. He is never happier than when shooting wine professionals, vineyards, the winery, not forgetting the finished product, the wine itself.

He was born in South Africa and moved to Israel in 1983. He worked for many years as a photo journalist and his photographs have been published worldwide, in a who's who of publications, even appearing as the cover photo of books. In 2004 he combined his two passions, photography and wine to become a specialist wine photographer. As such he has documented the Israel wine revolution like no-one else. His other great passion is rugby. Ah well, you can't have everything – at least Israeli wine is good and getting better!

His award is deserved international recognition and reflects well on Israel.
Bravo David Silverman, Israel wine is proud of you!

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