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At the invitation of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel, the Israeli  Consulate General in Guangzhou and the Israel Export Association jointly organized the Israeli wine expert group and visited 13 wineries in Israel on March 26-30, 2017. Members of the expert group include: wine industry opinion leaders and well- known wine critics Feng Weidong, China Wine and China Wine News Deputy General Manager Sun Wendong, the wine industry leader and the famous "wine second generation" Guo Songquan, the new food wine studio Manager Peng Yunyun, Guangzhou Branch through Exhibition Co., Ltd. Managing Director Jia Yanping.

Israel, with myths and the ancient civilization of the shock, by the "New York Times" as the world's top ten tourist attractions.

The wine of Israel, with five thousand years of brewing history, is one of the world's oldest producers of wine. In Israel, the cultivation of grapes and the brewing of wine began from the time of the Bible, but because of the Muslim prohibition, the 5,000-year history was interrupted until the 1880s, Baron Edmond Rothschild) created two breweries in Israel to begin the revival of the Israeli wines.

After years of efforts, the Israeli wine can eventually occupy a seat on the world stage. Wine critic OzClarke said that many of the quality of Israeli red wine can be comparable to California, Australia and some "New World" wine, and some full of fruit and taste balance of wine can be with the French well-known wineries produced a higher The Golan Heights Winery and Carmel cooperatives are among the leaders, but also known as the pioneer of the Israeli wine industry. In addition to Carmel, GolanHeights, there are many wineries in Israel to produce nationalized wines and to innovate the Israeli system of wine making.

Experienced after the technological innovation of the Israeli wine industry, brewing process is almost fully realized mechanization, the quality of its wine has been fully upgraded and has been internationally recognized. "The Israeli wines have been changing in the right direction, and some of them can be described as 'great'," commented OzClarke, a wine critic. "The Israeli wine industry is international," said Robert Parker, an internationally renowned wine critic. A rising star in the wine industry.

The delegation visited 13 Israeli wineries, namely:
 MontefioreWinery, Tulip Winery, Binyamina Winery, Adir Winery, Morad Winery, Golanheights Winery & Galil Montain Winery, Flam Winery, Bravdo Winery, Ya-YinWinery, Ramat Negev Winery, Domaine du Castel, Psagot Winery, Hevron Winery. Among them, AdirWinery, Morad Winery, Ramat Negev Winery and Psagot Winery will attend the 18th China (Guangzhou) International Famous Wine Show on May 25-27, and stationed in Israel.

Through in-depth exchanges, the panel learned about Israel's long history of wine culture, but also to the Chinese wine culture to Israel. Israel's wine is very promising, for the Israeli winery, the Chinese market is their focus on the development of the target market.

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