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A new winery has been founded called Five Stones Vineyards and its base is Givat Yeshayahu in the Judean Hills. The winery is close to Elah Valley where David fought Goliath in Biblical times. The wine takes its name from the 'five smooth stones' David took from the brook, to use with his sling, against the mighty Goliath. The winery is a partnership of three people who were in the past involved in Binyamina Winery together, along with two people from the restaurant and catering industry and a grower.

The project has been led by Ilan Hasson, who used to be managing director of Binyamina Winery. He has teamed up with winemaker Sasson Ben Aharon, currently winemaker of Mony Winery, whom he worked with for many years at Binyamina. Together they launched The Cave, the boutique winery belonging to Binyamina Winery. One of the other partners is Avinoam Lerner, well-known from the film industry, who used to be one of the owners of Binyamina Winery.

The restaurateur and caterer are respectively Ofra Ganor, of Manta Ray fame, and Amit Kaufman, chef and owner of 'Taam v'Tseva' (Taste & Color). The growers are the Tamir family from Givat Yeshayahu who farm 70 dunams of vineyards. They include Shmuel, who has 30 year's experience growing wine grapes and Yair, the second generation.

The winery produces 50,000 bottles a year. The wines were made in a combination of Mony Winery at Dir Raffat and at the old Hamasrek Winery at Beit Meir. However there are plans to build a winery in future at Givat Yeshayahu.

The wines are produced with very stylish labels and the tasting notes and brochure is of a high quality, in English and in Hebrew. Some of the bottles are very heavy in the outdated perception that the greater weight of the bottle, the better the wine must be. There are three labels. The premier label  is cream colored and the wine is called 'Virtuous'. The second label is also cream colored and the brand is called 'Nobility 215a'. The third label is called D vs G (David against Goliath) and the label is black.

The wines so far released are:

Five Stones D vs G, Judean Hills, 2016 – A dry wine made from 65% Gewurztraminer and 35% Sauvignon Blanc.

Five Stones D vs G, Judean Hills 2016 – A Mediterranean blend of Shiraz, Marselan, Carignan and Petite Sirah.

Five Stones Nobility 215a  2016 – a barrel fermented Chardonnay from Adulam vineyards with 5% Sauvignon Blanc added.

Five Stones Virtuous 2014 – A Bordeaux blend based on 67% Cabernet Sauvignon, also from Adulam. wishes 5 Stones Vineyards every success in the future.

4 Responses to FIVE STONES

  1. Malcolm M says:

    Just tried the 5 stones virtuous 2014. SUPERB!!! Fantastic tasting wine from G-d?s land! I am so enjoying the wine well done!

  2. Joel L Rubinovich says:

    I discovered Five Stones when I was in Jerusalem in July.
    The rose is absolutely terrific.
    Where is this available in Canada?

  3. Emanuel says:

    Best wine I test this year

  4. ?????? ???? says:

    My friend in London loves your wine
    I would like to send them 24-36 bottles
    Would you please let me how we can do that

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