September 22, 2017
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After tasting 69 wines on her recent visit to Israel, Jancis Robinson MW has made a list of her 15 favorites in an article in the Financial Times.

These are as follows.


  • Château Golan, Geshem 2016
  • Lahat, Lavan 2015
  • Shvo, Gershon 2011
  • Sphera, White Signature 2016
  • Tzora, Shoresh 2015
  • Vitkin Grenache Blanc 2016


  • Clos de Gat, Sycra Merlot 2009
  • Domaine du Castel, Grand Vin 2015
  • Flam, Noble 2013
  • Yarden Bar’on Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Margalit, Enigma 2011
  • Seahorse, Lennon 2013
  • Tabor, Shifon, Tannat,  2013
  • Tzora, Misty Hills 2014
  • Yatir, Yatir Forest 2013

The article.

To see the top scoring wines, you will have to take out a subscription to www.jancisrobinson.com and there you will see the scores and tasting notes.

To see the article by Jancis Robinson in the Financial Times, you will need to take out a subscription to www.ft.com

Jancis Robinson MW is arguably the number one wine critic, wine writer and communicator in the world today. The recent coverage of Israeli wine in her website and the Financial Times, is very important to the local wine industry.

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