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Two Israeli wineries will be at the New York Wine Experience this year, organized by the Wine Spectator. This is the most prestigious wine gathering of the year, open by invitation only to the leading 250 wineries in the world.
The two wineries invited are Recanati Winery from Emek Hefer, on the coast south of Hadera, and Tabor Winery, from Kfar Tabor, in the shadow of Mount Tabor, in the Lower Galilee.
The wines they will be showing are respectively the Recanati Special Reserve, the winery's prestige blend, and Tabor Sufa, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah.

Clos de Gat will be flying the blue and white flag at the Fine Wine Encounter in London, organized by Decanter.
The Wine Spectator and Decanter are arguably the two most famous wine magazines in the world.
Good to know our wineries are there amongst some of the finest in the world. An honor for the wineries taking part and for Israeli wine as a whole!

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