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Teperberg Winery have produced a series of three short 15 minute films exploring different aspects of family and in each film, wine makes an appearance in normal situations of everyday life. Of course the wine when it appears is Teperberg, but it is low key and stylish and certainly not like a commercial advertisement. The films have excellent casts including some of Israel's most recognizable actors. The series of films called 'Siporei Yayin in Hebrew, is being shown currently at Cinema City Glilot and will be preceded by a lecture on wine and a tasting of Teperberg wines. The original idea is the brainchild of Roy Harel, marketing manager of Teperberg Winery. It is a creative idea to overcome advertising restrictions for alcohol, emphasizes the connection between wine & art, and wine & family.

Teperberg Winery is the fourth largest winery in Israel and Israel's largest family owned winery. It was founded in 1870 in the Old City of Jerusalem, pre-State, pre-Rothschild and pre -Carmel. Today the CEO is Moti Teperberg, the 5th generation of the family. The winery is situated at Tzora, near Beit Shemesh. The winemaker is Shiki Rauchberger, and their labels range from the inexpensive Vision, through Impression, Inspire and Essence, on to the prestige label  Legacy. The five labels represent the five generations of the family and winery.

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