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Nadav Arens, 48,  has been announced as the new CEO of Carmel Winery, the historic winery of Israel, founded by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1882. Since the last CEO left, the position has been vacant. Nadav Arens is part of the Arens family of Binyamina. They are a family of wine growers, who are part of Agudat Hacormim, the wine growers cooperative, and are now part owners of Carmel Winery too. Nadav Arens has until recently been CEO of Strauss Coffee and also on the board of Carmel. He enters at an interesting time. Carmel has had three CEO's in four years. In the last 14 months the previous CEO, marketing manager, sales manager, export manager and winemaker all left. For 125 years Carmel was the largest winery in Israel, but it is now second largest after Barkan-Segal.

Arens arrives from Strauss, a famous food company in Israel, as did two of his immediate predecessors, Dalya Mandelman & Erez Paz. However Arens with his connections to the wine business will hopefully stand a better chance to make a lasting contribution. 

Carmel's wine brands/ labels include Selected, Private Collection, Appellation (Eizorit), Vineyards, Single Vineyards (Kayoumi, Admon, Sha'al etc) and their flagship wines are Limited Edition and Mediterranean. They also produce the Carmel Tirosh Grape Juice and King David Sacramental/ Kiddush Wines. Their main winery is at Zichron Ya'acov Wine Cellars and bottling and logistics is at Alon Tabor Winery. Carmel is also owner of the prestigious small winery, Yatir Winery situated at Tel Arad. The winery is owned by Kedma Capital, heading a consortium of Israeli and international investors. The chairman is Gilead Halevy. The winemaker is Lior Lacser, who is leaving, and the new winemaker is strongly rumored to be Yiftach Peretz of Binyamina Winery, who used to work at the Zichron Ya'acov Winery. Israel-wines wishes Nadav Arens every success in the future.


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