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The literature of Montefiore Winery continues to imply that the Montefiore family is involved in the winery. The Montefiore family wishes to make quite clear that though they were very happy to join the initiative in 2013, they are now very happy to disconnect from the winery. Today the Montefiore family has no connection to the winery that bears their name and has nothing to do with the winery whatsoever.

David Montefiore is Wine Department Manager of IBBLS, owners of Tabor Winery.
Rachel Montefiore is Wine Department Manager of SPIRITeam, distributors of Van Gogh.
Adam Montefiore is a partner in the Israel Wine Experience, a wine consultant and the wine writer for the Jerusalem Post.

The Montefiore family wishes the Montefiore Winery every success in the future.

Photo: David Silverman

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