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The Decanter Fine Wine Encounter is an annual event for wine lovers, connoisseurs and the readers of Decanter Magazine, one the leading quality wine magazine in the world. Decanter also organizes the DWWA, one of the most important competitions in the calendar year.

This year Israel will be represented by the Judean Quartet, a consortium of some of the finest wineries in the Judean Hills. These are Domaine du Castel, Flam Winery, Sphera and Tzora Vineyards. Winemakers Eli Ben-Zaken, Gilad Flam, Doron Rav-Hon and Eran Pick MW will be there to show their wines. It will take place on November 3rd and 4th at The Landmark Hotel in London.
 There will also be a Discovery Theatre Session where they present the following wines:

Tzora Vineyards, Shoresh Blanc 2017

Sphera White Signature 2017

Sphera Riesling 2017

C Blanc du Castel 2017

Flam Classico 2016

Flam Merlot 2016

Tzora Vineyards Misty Hills 2016

Domaine du Castel Grand Vin 2016

All are from Judean Hills vineyards. Alongside the Judean Hills Quartet will be Clos de Gat, which is not part of the Quartet, but also represents the Judean Hills. Those who want to update themselves about Israeli wine or who are curious to taste Israeli wine for the first time, will have the perfect opportunity.


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