Tishbi Estate Winery

All Tishbi family is involved in the running of the Tishbi winery. Nili manages the Visitor Center & wine. Golan is the winemaker. Michael, is involved in the cultivation of vineyards and Oshra, after extensive traveling, opened the doors to the global market. more »

Tishbi Estate Winery


A Family of Vineyards & Wine

In 1882 Michael and Malka Chamiletzki took their first steps on the land of Zichron Ya’akov after emigrating from Lithuania. Michael was commissioned by Baron Edmund de Rothschild to plant vineyards, and from day one, the profound relationship and harmony between the Tishbi family and the vineyards began. The family settled in nearby Shefeya, a region which is today surrounded by sprawling vineyards, and they immediately set to work cultivating the land and planting vines. In 1925, the family hosted the renowned poet Chaim Nachman Bialik and as gratitude for the warm hospitality that he received, he suggested a new family name for them ? “TISHBI” ? an acronym for “Resident of Shefaya in the Land of Israel”.

My parents, Mina and Israel Tishbi, like their parents before them, also made their living by cultivating grape vines and olives as well as by the production of cheese & dairy produce made from home-raised cattle.

At the beginning of the 1980’s, the wine industry went through a serious crisis causing the price of grapes to soar and no winery was willing to purchase large quantities of grapes. At that time, the market was flooded with Muscat grapes, this variety being a large proportion of what was being grown in our family’s vineyards. Due to this crisis, I decided to leave the
“Carmel Mizrachi” co-operative and start up my own small winery. At the beginning, the winery was named “Baron Wine Cellars” to commemorate Baron Edmund de Rothschild. The name was later changed to include our family name – “Tishbi Estate Winery”.

Today, my entire family is involved in the running of the winery. My wife, Nili manages the Visitor Center & wine shop and my son Golan is the winemaker and my right hand. When we decided to establish a distillery, Golan traveled to Cognac, France in order to learn the “alembic” process of distillery. This was soon put to practice in the production of oak-aged brandy at our winery. We are extremely proud to have been awarded the respected title of the best brandy in the world at the renowned IWSC competition which takes place in London.
Our eldest son, Michael, is involved in the cultivation of vineyards whilst our daughter, Oshra, after extensive traveling, opened the doors to the global market. She also instigated and established our caf? & restaurant in the center of Zichron Ya’akov as well as the winery’s own range of gourmet food products ? “Fine Food by Oshra Tishbi”.

After all ? family is everything”.

Jonathan Tishbi ? Proprietor.

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