October 31, 2018
Shmuel Boxer new Mayor of Ness Ziona more »

Shmuel Boxer, one of the legendary figures of Israeli wine, has been voted in as the new Mayor of Ness Ziona, which is the town sandwiched between the wine cities of Rehovot and Rishon Le Zion, south east of Tel Aviv His family were founders of Ness Ziona, and now in a closing of the circle, he has been elected Mayor at the first time of running, without the need of a run off.

Boxer, an experience wine grower, founded Barkan Winery in 1990. He had a dream to make it the largest winery in Israel, a position Carmel had held for 120 years. He succeeded in his target, and also Barkan became the largest selling Israeli winery in export. He built the existing winery at Hulda, with the largest vineyard in the country alongside it. He was CEO of Barkan Winery, which includes Segal Wines, for over 25 years. Now Barkan- Segal  is owned by Tempo Beverages, the largest brewery in Israel (producing Goldstar, Heineken) and the second largest total beverage company in Israel (marketing Absolut, Chivas Regal, Pepsi Colsa etc.)

He is not the first winery CEO to be Mayor. Elyakum Ostashinsky, another legendary figure, was CEO of Carmel Mizrahi and SVC des Grandes Caves, for many years. He also was Mayor of Rishon Le Zion. wishes Shmuel Boxer success in his new role.

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