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After 13 years at the helm, Noam Yaacoby is stepping down as CEO of Recanati Winery. He will be replaced by Yaniv Inbar who was his Deputy CEO and who has worked for the winery in a number of different capacities.

Recanati Winery is owned by Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked. The Chief Winemaker is Gil Shatzberg. They are situated in Emek Hefer in the Sharon Plain. They produce 1.2 million bottles a year. They have a wide range of labels ranging from the Yasmin wines in the supermarkets to the highly regarded flagship Special Reserve.

Yaacoby went out on a high note. Recanati Winery was recently one of only two Israeli wineries invited to the prestigious New York Wine Experience and he was pictured there with Lenny Recanati and Gil Shatzberg, surrounded by the finest wineries in the world. He has steered the company to become one of the better known Israeli wineries in the big wide wine world.

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