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Apparently, the world’s most expensive city for the 5th year running is Singapore, but to the shock of Israelis, the most expensive city for wines is….Tel Aviv!

This is according to a survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit and published by Business Insider, in an article by Lina Batarags. The other cities which were most expensive for wine, were both in Asia:  Seoul and Singapore.

Business Insider do not divulge how The Economist Intelligence Unit reach these figures, but they do the same comparison every year.

Israel is a country which produces 40 million bottles of wine a year. There is roughly 25% imports, mainly from Italy, France and Spain. Export amounts to US$50 a year, with over 50% going to North America. Whereas Chile and New Zealand, for instance, are countries selling mainly in export, Israel’s exports only amount to 15% of total production. So it is a domestic based industry.

However on a more optomistic note, Tel Aviv has been recommended as an ‘outstanding culinary destination’ and Israel as one of the ‘Top Ten Wine Destinations’ to visit.


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