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Sometimes it is possible to judge the quality of a winery by the distributor who represents them and the quality of the other wineries listed. Wine lovers, connoisseurs, buyers and sommeliers all take careful notice of who represents who.

It was therefore good news for Israel to hear that Yarden Inc.’s wines will from now on be distributed by Skurnik Wines and Spirits in New York. Yarden Inc, a subsidiary of Israel’s Golan Heights Winery, imports the following brands: Yarden, Gilgal & Hermon produced by the Golan Heights Winery from vineyards on the volcanic plateau of the Golan Heights and Galil Mountain Winery, from the Upper Galilee.

Why this is indeed noteworthy, is that Skurnik Wines and Spirits is regarded by wine professionals, and those ‘in the know’, as arguably the finest quality distributor in New York City. The company was founded in 1987 by Michael Skurnik. It has grown, maintaining its quality image, to a company with 112 workers, representing 500 estates. It remains a hands-on family business. Michael’s brother and sister, Harman and Rita, are involved, along with a number of the next generation of Skurniks. They are very discerning about who they represent.

Skurnik will now represent three Israeli wineries. The Golan Heights Winery and Galil Mountain will join Tzora Vineyards, already on their books. It will therefore become one of the most important ambassadors of Israeli wine, representing wines from different regions in Israel: the Golan, Galilee and Judean Hills. This selection by the wine experts of Skurnik coincidentally joins together Israel’s two most famous winemakers. These are Victor Schoenfeld, the winemaker of the Golan Heights Winery and Eran Pick MW of Tzora Vineyards, Israel’s first ever Master of Wine.

Israel exports are worth US$50 million and over fifty percent of this is to the United States of America. There, by far the largest market is New York, which is therefore Israel’s largest market outside Israel. The fact that Skurnik Wines and Spirits has decided to represent the best of Israel in New York is great news for the wineries and for Israeli wine has a whole.




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