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David Gronich has been appointed Export Manager by 1848 Winery. This is a premium, quality winery founded, owned and managed  by Yossi Shor. David Gronich, 47, is an experienced hospitality professional and wine expert, with experience in both Israel and America. He has worked in hotels, food & beverage and in the wine trade.

He worked for 12 years for both Carmel Winery, the historic winery of Israel and Yatir Winery, one of Israel’s finest boutique wineries. He was at different times wine education manager and hotel & restaurant manager and played a major role in building the marketing concept of Carmel’s Single Vineyard and the Vats labels and in the Center for Wine Culture. He worked with the likes of Adam Montefiore, Amos Ravid, Dorit Ben Simon, Mira Eitan & Ruti Ben Israel. It was a professional wine department which was the envy of most wineries. None of them are at Carmel any more, and David Gronich was the last to leave.

Before his wine career he was Food & Beverage Manager of the Scots Hotel and the Tel Aviv Hilton Hilton and of the Hilton & Sheraton/ Marriot in Boston, USA. He graduated from the Johnson & Wales University in Hotels, Restaurants and Institutional Management.

The Shor family is the number one wine family in Israel. They founded their first winery in 1848 in the Old City of Jerusalem, when the country was part of the Ottoman Empire. The family continued to make wine during the British Mandate and then after the State of Israel was founded. Today they are still making wine over 170 years later. Yossi Shor, the eighth generation, decided to take things in a new direction. He founded a quality focused winery, employed a young French born, Bordeaux trained winemaker, sought advice from leading wine consultants and 1848 Winery is the result. 1848 wines have gained international recognition amongst connoisseurs and wine lovers alike.

The appointment of someone of the caliber of David Gronich shows the winery’s ambition.


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