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Everyone is very pleased when an Israeli  wine wins a major trophy in international competition, or receives a high score from a respected critic. The pride is shared amongst all those in the Israeli wine trade. Now our very own, resident wine photographer, has been awarded yet another major award. David Silverman has won the major prize in the ‘Grand Prix International de la Photographie Vigne et Vin’, in the ‘Professional’ category. This very prestigious award reflects enormous credit on David Silverman, whose passion, talent and professionalism is unsurpassed as a dedicated wine, vineyard and winery photographer. It also reflects credit on Israel as a whole.

The winning photo is shot at a wedding at Kibbutz Tzora, home of Tzora Vineyards, one of Israel’s finest boutique wineries. The bride is about to take a sip of the ceremonial wine. Her shining eyes, captured in the photo,  illustrate the importance of this ritual. The winning photograph shows the presence of wine in every Jewish lifestyle event.

For many years he has been Israeli wine’s national photographer. Now he has reached a
pinnacle internationally. Congratulations David Silverman!


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