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The Israel wine industry has gathered together to pay a notable and deserved tribute to the employees of Magen David Adom (MDA), which is the Israeli equivalent to the Red Cross. Ahead of Yom Hatzmaut, Israel Independence Day, a bottle of Israeli wine will be donated to every worker.

All the economic problems brought about by Covid 19, the novel coronavirus, has hit the wine trade particularly hard. The sudden closure of the whole ‘on premise’ market, and the strict isolation rulings were instigated in the month before Passover, which in Israel, is usually the main selling period of the year, (as Christmas and New Year is overseas.)

However, the wine industry wishes to reach out to Magen David Adom, whose employees have worked so bravely, selflessly and incredibly long hours for the greater good, with no thought to personal risk. Gilad Flam of Flam Winery, one of the donating wineries, says: “This is a small token of thanks to the MDA teams that are on the front line and serve the entire population at risk to their health. This is our way of expressing our gratitude.”

This whole concept has been initiated, organized and managed by Jamie Sellouk, manager of the Seren DPT wine venue in Jaffa. He said: “This is our way of showing solidarity and support. The wine will be delivered to MDA centers throughout the country.”

So far, they have raised donations of over 1,000 bottles of wine and their target is 2,300 bottles. Wineries that have so far donated include both large and small wineries, including: Alexander, Alona, Bravdo, Capsouto, Carmel, Dadah, Dalton, Drimia, Flam, Golan Heights, Gros, Kanatir, Maia, Midbar, Nana, Neta, Netofa, Psagot, Recanati, Shiran, Stern, Tishbi, Tulip, Tura,  Vitkin and Yaacov Oryah.

 Credit goes to Seren DPT and Jamie Sellouk for a wonderful idea, that Israeli wineries can really get behind and support. Congratulations are due to those wineries that responded to the call. At the same time, other wineries wishing to contribute should contact:
Jamie Sellouk on 050 223 2890 or Oded Shoham on 054 652 0604.

Jamie Sellouk is a well-known sommelier, who was runner up in the Yarden Award, the main national competition for wine service.
 Seren DPT is a unique wine venue in Jaffa, offering a broad and unique range of boutique wineries to taste and buy, as well as tutored tastings, courses, workshops and winery events. The objective is to offer an ‘Israel Wine Experience’ in the center of the country and in the heart of wine drinking Israel: Tel Aviv Jaffa.

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